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Dave Swensen (b. 1984, Des Moines, IA) explores the layering and placement of construction and industrial materials while emphasizing the principles of both modern and contemporary design. Often his distorted mirrored surfaces reflect back bouncing light and energy. Working with precision he creates a narrative using a minimal aesthetic that at times allows parts to become interchangeable or be reconfigured entirely. This flexibility in his work allows him to push his materials to their maximum potential. He has taken part in numerous solo and group exhibitions locally and abroad. Some of his most recent include: "Things That Pass" (2011) in Tauranga, New Zealand; "The Rising Tide" (2013) Anchorage, Alaska; "New Video" (2013) Chicago, Illinois; "Fountains" (2017) San Antonio, Texas where he participated in the artist residency program at Hello Studio Gallery.

IG: DaveSwensen.Stuido

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