Contact Information:
Location: San Antonio, Texas

Solo Exhibitions                                                                                                                                                                                                   2017  --  Hello Studio, "Fountains", San Antonio Texas                                                                                                                                     2016  -- Boxx Gallery, Chicago Illinois
2013  -- ROOMS Gallery, “New Video”, Chicago Illinois
2013  -- IGCA Alaska, “The Rising Tide”, Anchorage Alaska
2011   -- Laundromat Art Project Space, “Things That Pass”, Tauranga New Zealand
2007 -- Bemis Center, "Separation, Depression, Religion and Control”, Omaha Nebraska

Selected Group Exhibitions
2014 -- Kitchen Space, “11:11”, Chicago Illinois
2010 -- Art Base 1, “Human Emotions Project”, Beijing China
2010 -- Super Market Art Fair, “Exquisite Corpse Video Project Vol.1-2”, Stockholm Sweden
2010 -- Video Forms Festival, “Exquisite Corpse Video Project Vol.2”, Clermont France
2010 -- Goncalves Saphino Cultural Center, “Faces”, Benedita Portugal
2010 -- CineDesign, “Exquisite Corpse Video Project Vol.1 and 2”, Recife Brazil
2010 -- Wikitopia, “Exquisite Corpse Video Project Vol.2”, Hong Kong China
2010 -- Blueprint, “Exquisite Corpse Video Project Vol.2”, Holborn London
2009 -- R.F.D Gallery, “The Art of Communication”, Swainsboro GA
2009 -- Guildford Lane Gallery, “Human Emotions Project“, Melbourne Australia
2009 -- Formverk Art Space, “The Vitruvian Women”, Eskilstuna Sweden
2009 -- Lasala Exposiciones Galeria, “Human Emotions Project“, Cigüñuela Spain
2009 -- Berkeley & Copenhagen Commonplace, “Fragments”, Berkeley CA
2009 -- Formverk Art Space, "Exquisite Corpse Video Project Vol.2", Varnarmo Sweden
2009 -- Jose Malhoa Museum, "Human Emotion Project", Caldas-de-Rainha Portugal
2009 -- FA Portuguese Bookshop Gallery, “Paradox”, Macau China
2009 -- Video Dia Loghi, “Vitruvian Women”, Torino Italy
2008 -- V.I.P Art Gallery, "April Meetings Festival", Belgrade Serbia
2008 -- Scope International Art Fair, "Perpetual Art Machine", Basel Switzerland
2008 -- Shelterbelt Theater, "Sickened" A Collaboration with Doug Heyko, Omaha Nebraska
2008 -- The F.U.E.L Collection, “Grand Small Works”, Philadelphia PA

Publications                                                                                                                                                                                                             03 / 2015   --  "Stigmart10 Video Focus Art Review"
04 / 2012   --  "Videodrome VHS Review”,
09 / 2007  --  "Video Sculpture”, The Creightonian by Sarah Roy
08 / 2007  --  "Separation, Depression, Religion and Control”, Omaha Reader by Sarah Baker
08 / 2007  --  "Dave Swensen Looks At Life Through Death”, Omaha World Herald
08 / 2007  --  "First Solo Effort Satisfies”, Omaha City Weekly by Michael Joe Krainak

Audio Releases                                                                                                                                                                                                   2013 -- Demo                                                                                                                                                                                                           2015 -- Locked In / Released By Phinery / Cassette                                                                                                                                             2016 -- Direct Magic / Released By Phinery / Cassette                                                                                                                                       2017 -- Garden Mirror / Released By Never Anything Records / Cassette                                                                                                       2017 -- Pattern Keys / Released By A.V.A / Cassette & Zine

I grew up loving art but not really knowing anything about it. I started out the way I thought you were supposed to.  Painting seemed like the most common medium. I fell in love with Egon Schiele’s use of the human form and Robert Rauschenberg’s use of materials. The idea that fabrics, wood and found objects can be fixed to a painting blew me away. I began moving away from painting after being transfixed by objects and the creation of forms themselves. Creating sculptures gave me a profoundly different feeling.  I used raw fragile materials but as time passed I grew concerned about the longevity of the objects I created. Video allows me to break the rules. I was first introduced to the concept of video art through a contemporary art magazine. My artist practice was turned upside down. Borrowing my first video camera was a breath of fresh air.  I began by creating narratives for the objects I was so concerned about. From there the themes in my work have shifted greatly. The flexibility of the video medium has allowed me to grow tremendously as an artist.

I am deeply inspired by the pioneers of early experimental cinema. They used film as a platform to achieve time and act as lessons in reality, fiction and dreams. The black and white visual styling’s of Maya Derens work has had an impact on my work. Her work is almost primitive in nature and full of symbolism. Artist Michael Snow is a much more recent influence. His piece Wavelength from 1967 allowed me to see and understand different ways to interpret space and how to move through it with a camera. My work is derivative of the early minimalistic concepts and exciting use of exploration. Early film artists really explored the fundamental theories and mechanics of the film medium. It was new and exciting I am trying to carry that aesthetics to the digital age of experimental video.